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The different primers showed good consistency in the detection of AMF dominants. Models are only provided for payment. When samples or models are provided, a credit is issued with the following order if the order amount is equal to or greater than 125 euros net. Goods can only be returned by appointment, although custom brands are excluded from this return. For returns for which we are not responsible (for example. B false order), we charge a processing fee of 10%, but the minimum value is 7.50 EUROS. Various primers, which target different regions of isomer DNA (rD DNA) are frequently used in studies of the diversity of fungi associated with soil or roots, including the shrub fungi of mycorrhiza (AMF) of Phylum Glomeromycota. However, direct comparisons between different primates are rare. In this study, amf community profiles were generated by 454 amp-top pyrosequencing, resulting from a direct (i.e. unique) reinforcement of PCR with three commonly used premium pairs. Root DNA extracts from four different plant species growing in the same field were included in the study to address the following aspects: (1) Primer specificity for Glomeromycota, (2) structure of proven AMF communities and (3) efficacy of different primates for the detection of DEF SPECIFIC genes. The magnitude of the effect of pcR selectivity was then compared to the well-documented effect of host plant identity on the structure of AMF communities.

The primers that targeted the small ribosomale sub-unit (SSU) gave almost exclusively glomeromycotane sequences. Premiums for the large ribosomale sub-unit (LSU) were relatively selective for Glomeromycota (75% of the taxonomic business units [OTUs] discovered), while only about 25% of the OTUs obtained by the premiums for the internal transcribed region (STI) of the ADR belonged to Glomeromycota. There was good correspondence in the detection of the dominants of the AMF community between the different PCR primers. Compared to the selectivity of the AMF due to the identification of host plants, the dispersion was even greater due to the selection of the PCR primer. This is partly due to a large part of the sequences (mainly STIs) that could not be attributed to the AMF taxa described as valid. Similarly, the community profiles produced by the SSU and LSU primers differed significantly from each other, due in part to the high selectivity of the SSU. SSU primers missed 4 rare AMF geners of at least 11 genee present in the AMF community analyzed. Our study thus highlights the extent of potential distortions in the profiling of the AMF community, which can occur with a unique PCR reinforcement associated with next-generation sequencing. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has signed an agreement with the Arab Monetary Fund to host the headquarters of the regional intra-Arab payments clearing and settlement agency in the United Arab Emirates. As of that date, the Protocol of the Agreement has not yet been made public. However, the communication that was announced in the minutes relates to several measures.

These include information exchange procedures that can take the form of periodic exchange meetings to analyse procedures for infringements and market abuse or to discuss mechanisms for detecting and preventing different offences and the risks of non-compliance.