Purchase Agreement Line

If you create an order, you can apply a purchase agreement. The information of the terms of the agreement, z.B. payment terms, delivery conditions and delivery address, is then copied into the head of the order. If the order contains one or more positions for products or categories covered by the agreement, the prices and discounts of the sales contract are used for those positions. The amount or quantity of the order post contributes to the performance of the commitment in the sales contract. The same order may contain both positions that are not related to a sales contract and positions that have an obligation for a purchase contract. The following table describes the price-related fields that are affected by the different types of commitments. Fields containing “yes” can be updated in the control position. If you create an intercompany order that uses the intercompany purchase agreement in a legal entity, the corresponding intercompany order uses the corresponding Intercompany sales contract in the other legal entity. The performance of contractual sales obligations and the execution of purchase contracts will be synchronized, as will the Intercompany order and the Intercompany order will be synchronized. Step 5: Check snack consumption lines in the purchase agreement form –> Order Positions released.

If the delivery date of the order is not in the validity date of the sale contract, the sales contract is not consummated with the order generated by the disposition. Purchase agreements work according to the delivery date. I tried to insert these tables, no mistakes. But no recording in the chord line table and I can`t see it in the user interface. Step 1: Create a purchase and purchase contract –> sales contracts –> sales contracts and validate the sales contract to make it effective. The following guidelines influence how the link between a purchase contract works and the corresponding order positions: In the “Execution” section, you can view the total quantities and amounts for all command items related to the stated purchase agreement. You can also indicate the remaining amount or the amount remaining needed to execute the commitment. I checked it in R2 and the specific key is activated? Is it possible that your command status is causing the problem? Is it “open order”? Fixing the amount of products – you buy a certain amount of a product.

In the Accord section, you can view the quantities and amounts of the purchase contract shown. These quantities and amounts are the total quantities and amounts committed. When the expected order is approved and secured, the actual order is generated automatically and the sales contract is consummated. I would like to copy a shopping line in another shopping line, but if I tried to insert data into the AgreementLine table, the error “registering a database is not allowed for an abstract table” is triggered. So how do I insert data into the chord line? Price and discount are fixed – The price on an order position and the price of the associated commitment cannot vary. If the price of the order position is changed, the link to the commitment is broken. If the link is broken, the command post does not contribute to the execution of the engagement. I have the big problem, the code works well, unless the contract head does not contain a line, in this case it creates a record in the agreementQtyAgreementLine table, but not in line of agreement, I think there is a missing field that needs to be filled but can`t find which one.