Symantec Support Agreement

Call the ICT helpdesk for the latest information on Symantec-supported platforms. The current version is SEP 14 or the new cloud edition of Symantec Endpoint Security (formerly SEP 15.) and the following link confirms the versions that are supported. The ICT Helpdesk offers free help with installation and support by phone and email. Here you will find the terms and conditions applicable to your use of NortonLifeLock products and services, unless you have another agreement directly with NortonLifeLock that regulates your use of the products and services. On-site technical support costs $100 + GST per hour plus the ride. Open source software. Some products may contain open source software that is subject to the current open source license. To request a copy of the open source software for your licensed product in accordance with the current open source license, please send an email request to, including your full name; their country of residence; product name; product serial number (if available); product software version and operating system (if applicable); Retailer, distributor, reseller or other supplier from whom you purchased the product; and the place and date of purchase. Once received, we will be able to immediately process your request in accordance with the current open source license. If you have a signed agreement (“Signed Agreement”) governing the use of products or services purchased by us or an authorized distributor, the signed agreement applies. If you have not signed an agreement, the use of the products and services is carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions published in force. To confirm whether there are any restrictions on the availability or use set out in the applicable published terms and conditions of use or signed agreements regarding our products or services, you may provide and use them in that geographic region.

The agreement covers the costs of SAH antiviral licenses for all public and state-integrated schools in New Zealand. It contains protective measures for all phases of the attack life cycle: and if a computer is owned or rented by the school and is used for school work, staff and students can use sep; It will have been installed on this computer. Note to our Japanese customers: NortonLifelock Inc. Intellectual Property Attribution (formerly Symantec Corporation) and/or its licensors retain all right, title and interest (including all intellectual property rights therein) in and to the Software and associated reproductions. As of March 29, 2018, NortonLifelock Ireland Ltd. (formerly Symantec Limited) is officially licensed by NortonLifelock Inc. Your rights in the Software are limited to the rights expressly set forth in the Agreement, and NortonLifelock Inc. and/or its licensors reserve the rights not expressly specified. (Effective May 20, 2020) Symantec will release new updates and versions of SEP throughout the term of the agreement. Call the ICT helpdesk for information on downloading the update.

The Helpdesk provides you with a temporary username and password. Enter a keyword (z.B. a name of product, service or document) and a language to find the terms and conditions in force. Please do not use the word “Symantec” in your search. Symantec offers the Ministry of Education`s antivirus software for schools, Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) or now also known as Symantec Endpoint Security. Independent schools can also contact Datacom to access pricing options for educational institutions. Datacom manages the enrolment of each school in the ministry under the New Zealand School Agreement. The free antivirus software is available to all public and integrated schools in the state. Independent schools can turn to Datacom for access to pricing options….