Un Headquarters Agreement New York

JOINT RESOLUTION authorizing the President to bring into force an Agreement between the United States and the United Nations establishing the permanent seat of the United Nations in the United States and to authorize the application of measures necessary to facilitate compliance with the provisions of this Agreement and for other purposes. After consultation with the competent authorities of the State and City of New York, signed on 26 June 1947 at Lake Success, New York, an agreement with the United Nations on the headquarters of the United Nations, which shall be integrated into it, on behalf of the United States; And among the cities proposed as the headquarters of the United Nations are St. Petersburg,[135] Montreal,[136] Dubai,[137][138] Jerusalem,[139] and Nairobi. [129] SEC. 2. Of the US$65 million, US$25 million is expected to be made immediately available by the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. [28] However, the full loan was initially retained because of a case involving UN member Valentin A. Gubitchev and Judith Coplon, a KGB spy, accused of espionage and due to trial in March 1949. The House of Representatives would not distribute the full $65 million because the government feared that the UN-proposed headquarters would grant diplomatic immunity to both people. .

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